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[Buddhist stories] women clinging to their beauty, Buddha degree of proof of the fruit

's aunt has a daughter named Clara PA Dhaka Yani princess,
the princess looks beautiful,
the world is unparalleled,
others have called her beauty,
and her cousin to the Buddha Tuo had an engagement.
he followed the Buddha into the house,
and at the same time,
many of the Buddha's family members were monks.
One day,
the princess in Dhaka,
Jana Yani thought: although my brother can become a chakravartin,
but give up worldly glory of monks,
eventually become holy,
he is Shakya Muni buddha.
His son Rahula and my fiance NANDA has also become a monk,
my mother is also a nun,
now left me alone! After this consideration,
Jana Palmer Dhaka itself became a nun Yani princess,
but she is because clinging to the family and the monks,
and not out of faith and became a buddha.
Kanebo PA