chrome hearts

Every day with the bodies dealing with the undead. They had the most afraid of doing what is the occupation

with the body,
to help anatomy and consignment of corpses,
they are forensic auxiliary police.
20 years ago from his home to the Shenzhen job,
want to be a cook,
but fate arranged for him as an anatomical auxiliary; he is a bartender,
had run a restaurant,
eventually became an auxiliary police to pull the corpse.
Although every day with high rot,
even dangerous infectious disease bodies dealing with the Shenzhen forensic auxiliary police are still have an optimistic attitude towards life,
also joked that work has now become a hobby,
do not intend to change.
the reporter walked into the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau of forensic examination center auxiliary police force,
to understand the special crowd,
to understand that they are not understood work.
It is repor