chrome hearts

How many Putian departments are running amok in your hometown TV station?

rom the network read one micro signal: yiduiread the death of Wei Zexi,
let the life in the big city,
pay attention to the international fashion,
mouth is Internet plus people suddenly realized that their life is not far away from the pit.
Prior to this,
we almost all kinds of treatment of infertility,
vitiligo disappeared as an exotic,
for the new year after rework,
Tucao home outdated.
Chinese people living in two or three - tier cities,
small towns and rural areas are bombarded with false medical advertisements all the time.
These ads are endorsed at all levels of television.
In more than ten years of history,
these advertising bombings constitute a bright sight of the spiritual life of Chinese urban and rural residents.
The evil that shocked you today has always been in another f