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How to become a designer's good friend?

my sister wrote second articles about face brother.
Want to see on the face of the brother please click the following link: down down down down down down second holiday Xiu Xiu APP,
open the circle of friends holiday festival drunby mode.
The first pops after release APP,
let the designer retainage who owed no escape.
There are a lot of loris,
sister paper message: Barrage is a bit slow,
please wait patiently to refresh my big face brother girlfriend!!! Face brother doesn't need a girlfriend.
He has a wonderful world of his own! Fall in love with face brother like this.
How do neurasthenia couldn't face brother I would like to give you the option to me with the big monkey face Gesheng monkey face brother good fun,
I think he will succeed someday! Go on the life,
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