chrome hearts

In spring, Paris can not live up to the merits of the amusement program

e temperature be so low this year?!!! Is the world in April day,
winter is still not changed,
walking on the road is wind and rain,
every minute is frozen into the dog! Although the temperature is low this year,
all kinds of plants and flowers are still here.
Think of the plants being afraid of the cold.
Why do we have such a tall human being who is lazy at home?!!! Take a look at Huang Yejun's weekly tour for everyone! 9 b+? 0 s; A5,
Q7; e& Z & i7 Z2 S4; J&amp |9 _k; since the weather is so bad,
then come to some indoor activities! Do you know what France looks like in 80s? Well,
what was the daily life of the French in 80s? What was their fashion style at that time? What was popular in France at that time?! Les Ann es 80 Les photos de l'expo,
gratuite Au Centre Pompidou P