chrome hearts

It's better for a couple to do this before going to bed than to take any tonics

the longevity of the nation,
our ancestors summed up the six things,
although look cumbersome but can let your hearts to health and relax,
but also can improve the quality of your sleep,
make you full of energy to work,
what are the six things? What to do? A quiet walk for 10-20 minutes,
the blood circulation to the skin,
the skin can get to sleep after living maintenance.
Lie down,
do not read books and newspapers,
do not consider the problem,
so that the activities of the brain reduced,
faster access to sleep.
What to drink? Drink a cup of milk and honey ancient folk saying: towards salt and honey soup.
That is to say,
drink light salt water,
drink honey water later.
According to foreign medical experts,
milk contains l- sleep promoting tryptophan,
1 hours before going to bed to dri