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Sherlock chose 1 years old British royal family with Jiafu to most cattle.

liam and Kate's daughter,
Princess Sherlock celebrated her 1 birthday in May 2nd,
the British royal family released a few chose photograph: wearing a pink sweater and dress the little princess has learned to walk,
staggered trolley car.
several pictures of the princess were taken by her mother,
Kate middleton.
It is said that Xiao Gong's birthday party was set up 6 months ago.
Sherlock's grandmother,
the mother of Kate Middleton,
earlier revealed that the birthday party will use a more neutral theme,
such as animals,
and the like.
Princess Sherlock,
whose full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana,
is the daughter of the Duchess of Cambridge,
Prince William and Kate Middleton,
and the great granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth ii.
She is second only to her grandfather,
Prince Charl