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So sex hurts women's womb, and most people regret it too late

lays a very important role in a woman's life.
It not only gives birth to the fetus,
but also gives us the power to make a mother.
It is also an important endocrine organ.
It secretes a variety of hormones to maintain the stability of the female endocrine system.
as the most important organ of the female,
we often do not pay attention to the harmfulness of these things to the uterus! The five most feared things in the womb are a multiple pregnancy.
For women,
the best number of pregnancies is 2.
After the pregnancy,
the uterus increases the risk of each increase.
afraid of repeated abortion: it is easy to cause intrauterine infection,
cervical or intrauterine adhesions,
leading to secondary infertility.
It is understood that the official privately abortion: abortion more tha