chrome hearts

The 45 year old still captured the hearts of little 16 year old meat Faye Yu beauty has not only a glimpse of

n first edition of the most popular female male,
click the title below the blue print about her when the Ode to joy hacked,
51 released little husband quietly warming,
LED is already 45 years old,
not the old Goddess - Faye Yu.
With her opponents play,
he was 16 years old,
was born in 1987 of the meat Yang Le.
Two years ago,
in another hit series husband,
two people that the younger man,
will concern,
the two now and again the same sparks.
But over the years,
let her sister to Faye Yu never forget,
always is the time to treat her so tolerant,
as if the spring breeze gently brushed the blooming flowers,
blooming brilliant.
More like a jar of daughter red,
the longer the fragrance.
For years,
although Faye Yu presented the audience with the image of a frozen beauty,
you almost never