chrome hearts

The general trend of pure play all member of the women's team infighting were excluded

here is a pure women's first title Apink early before the team out of the hearsay.
The Apink does not give Korean music much water,
then Endi Zheng starring please answer 1997 hot,
one week vote for the 2012 annual idol idol ranking three.
with Song Hye Kyo and In-Sung Zo together in the winter wind blowing,
the play and Jin Fan's CP also received the audience's hot.
After Zheng Endi's popularity is also more and more prosperous,
not in the entertainment company as a trainee airborne lead Apink active music singer.
At this time the popularity of differences with the team members Endi Zheng is very obvious,
many netizens fans called Apink Zheng Endi Sun Naen and her friends,
enough to witness the Apink's popularity is poor.
some people suspected Zheng Endi airborne back