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Without boiling water, the world's 15 biggest cure for food is China

d you eat when you have a cold,
a bad state,
or a loss of appetite? This kind of food is called cure food,
and this food is different in every country.
the US travel information web site whenonearth.
net has selected 15 cure foods worldwide.
(by the way,
learn English words) 1 India rice porridge (Khichdi) - India,
Pakistan rice and beans cooked porridge,
can also be added to India butter and condensed milk together with food.
2 Marmite on toast - South Africa fermented with brewer's yeast,
a fermented food similar to black jelly,
containing vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin B.
3 broken noodles (Pastina) - one of the Italy faces of Italy,
small in form and diverse in species.
In the western style porridge,
add cooked noodles to eat.
4 (Noodle soup) - China noodle soup is