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[54] to observe young cadres not to be a high official to aspire to do great things

the reality of the road of life will open up,
young cadres need to be so a gas ah,
you are not the sun,
but you can issue more warmth than the sun.
! Some time ago,
a speech at his alma mater countrified county Party Secretary Chen Hangjia,
the heat transfer network.
Personal feelings,
sincere words,
a number of students village,
young civil servants at the grassroots level hard with the stick,
and will arouse passionate feelings of many young people,
the heart of the common people the body Xu? On the occasion of 54 youth day,
it is a difficult topic to think about the responsibility and mission of a generation and the cultivation and growth of young cadres.
To build a well-off society in an all-round way,
the vast numbers of young people are active forces and comm

Shenzhen vigorously governance officials, not last year, 5 patrol group found discipline clues 74

he title of the South,
the magazine can quickly focus on Zhao Yang Yue Ji Xuan sent special inspections,
investigations and urge the rectification of the problem of exposure.
Since last year,
Shenzhen municipal Party committee will manage official not for as the key work,
carried on a series of beneficial exploration.
Last year,
the Guangdong provincial Party committee,
deputy secretary of the Shenzhen municipal Party committee secretary Ma Xingrui at the Sixth Party Congress,
to adhere to the strict management of cadres combined with positive incentives,
establish and improve the incentive for inaction,
accountability system,
in-depth governance is not official,
to solve the existing in cadres,
ideological rigidity big with pride do things,
not to play,
and other issues,

Funny than the Italy boss, the save character is not for who

Ranieri was appointed the new coach of Leicester City,
and as soon as he took office,
Ranieri set his team's goal of 40 points,
which is often considered a Premier League relegation point.
As the season opens,
Ranieri's saving character quotes abound,
such as this sentence: if we are basement,
then other teams are villas with swimming pool.
Save the character until the first half kuangmo scored 39 points,
Ranieri will be the second target to get 40 points.
The season is impossible to replicate,
said Wang,
the king of the pack after winning the first two games in Leicester in the first two rounds.
Next season we will try our best for the top 10 of the league.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it is time to come up with a small book,
and learn Ranieri save character quotes.
Search the foo

GREE will crash down, this low level of understanding can only ha ha

hero) -- the inner world is big enough to dance! GREE 2015 earnings announcement,
both in revenue and net profit,
there have been varying degrees of decline.
2015 total revenue of 100 billion 564 million yuan,
down 28.
17% from the previous year; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 12 billion 532 million yuan,
down 11.
46% over the previous year and,
all over people mouthing the title of the article began to appear GREE defeat and next fall will not GREE? So sensational headlines,
it seems that GREE really can not do the same.
Is that really the case? Billions of GREE will fall on this? In this regard,
we can only on the relatively low level of understanding can only be ha ha to find out the following facts,
then it GREE main air conditioning is

The end of the holiday is the time to start reading the books.

ibookreview reads every morning with 563000 people.
weekly good book recommendation,
and see you again! Perhaps everybody is still in the holiday after the finish,
but still can not store list.
In the previous book recommendation column,
many readers commented on the book,
saying that they would like to read the editorial editors' private tastes.
this requirement is not difficult to satisfy.
This book recommends book reviews,
you first catch the editor,
Miss bird as the week's chief editor,
to introduce her recent attention to good books.
(of course,
personal taste and professional books on Jun is taking into account.
) The title no regrets: Chen Mingzhong memoir Author: Chen Mingzhong oral Li Na finishing version: April 2016 Taiwan Sanlian political situation,
we are famil