chrome hearts

[54] to observe young cadres not to be a high official to aspire to do great things

the reality of the road of life will open up,
young cadres need to be so a gas ah,
you are not the sun,
but you can issue more warmth than the sun.
! Some time ago,
a speech at his alma mater countrified county Party Secretary Chen Hangjia,
the heat transfer network.
Personal feelings,
sincere words,
a number of students village,
young civil servants at the grassroots level hard with the stick,
and will arouse passionate feelings of many young people,
the heart of the common people the body Xu? On the occasion of 54 youth day,
it is a difficult topic to think about the responsibility and mission of a generation and the cultivation and growth of young cadres.
To build a well-off society in an all-round way,
the vast numbers of young people are active forces and comm