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Funny than the Italy boss, the save character is not for who

Ranieri was appointed the new coach of Leicester City,
and as soon as he took office,
Ranieri set his team's goal of 40 points,
which is often considered a Premier League relegation point.
As the season opens,
Ranieri's saving character quotes abound,
such as this sentence: if we are basement,
then other teams are villas with swimming pool.
Save the character until the first half kuangmo scored 39 points,
Ranieri will be the second target to get 40 points.
The season is impossible to replicate,
said Wang,
the king of the pack after winning the first two games in Leicester in the first two rounds.
Next season we will try our best for the top 10 of the league.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it is time to come up with a small book,
and learn Ranieri save character quotes.
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