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GREE will crash down, this low level of understanding can only ha ha

hero) -- the inner world is big enough to dance! GREE 2015 earnings announcement,
both in revenue and net profit,
there have been varying degrees of decline.
2015 total revenue of 100 billion 564 million yuan,
down 28.
17% from the previous year; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 12 billion 532 million yuan,
down 11.
46% over the previous year and,
all over people mouthing the title of the article began to appear GREE defeat and next fall will not GREE? So sensational headlines,
it seems that GREE really can not do the same.
Is that really the case? Billions of GREE will fall on this? In this regard,
we can only on the relatively low level of understanding can only be ha ha to find out the following facts,
then it GREE main air conditioning is