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Shenzhen vigorously governance officials, not last year, 5 patrol group found discipline clues 74

he title of the South,
the magazine can quickly focus on Zhao Yang Yue Ji Xuan sent special inspections,
investigations and urge the rectification of the problem of exposure.
Since last year,
Shenzhen municipal Party committee will manage official not for as the key work,
carried on a series of beneficial exploration.
Last year,
the Guangdong provincial Party committee,
deputy secretary of the Shenzhen municipal Party committee secretary Ma Xingrui at the Sixth Party Congress,
to adhere to the strict management of cadres combined with positive incentives,
establish and improve the incentive for inaction,
accountability system,
in-depth governance is not official,
to solve the existing in cadres,
ideological rigidity big with pride do things,
not to play,
and other issues,